Change Management, Process Improvement, and
IT Services

AQUAS innovative solutions and services are critical to modernize processes and data management strategies. We ensure organizational readiness for enterprise technology adoption. Our professional and technical staff tackle simple and complex projects for government, non-profit, and commercial clients.

Transforming Business in a Digital World

We design and implement optimal solutions that maximize ROI and operational efficiencies. We support systems development, remote training, documentation,  customer support, and all aspects of systems implementation to ensure our clients reap the benefits of their IT investments and process improvements.

Information Systems

We work in small and large-scale projects with IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle, among other key players to develop and implement new digital strategies and technologies.

Management Consulting

With PMP- and Agile-certified consultants, AQUAS uses various methodologies in organizations to manage and streamline a wide variety of projects, from IT implementations to business reengineering and process optimizations.

Data Analytics

AQUAS works with private companies, non-profit and government organizations to analyze big data, support monitoring & evaluation programs, establish performance metrics, and create dashboards that turn your data into a strategic asset.

Energy Engineering

AQUAS has more than 30 years of technical experience providing infrastructure support in the transportation and energy sectors.

Who we serve

AQUAS works with customers in a variety of sectors that seek technology to increase revenue, productivity, and transform their organizations.




Partner with AQUAS

AQUAS prides itself on being a small business with a proven track record of successful digital transformation, engineering, and technology integration services over the past three decades. We are open to exploring opportunities and synergies to offer clients the best services available. Whether you are looking for an MBE/DBE partner or a great team to accomplish your strategic goals, we invite you to learn more about working with us.