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As organizations change and seek greater efficiencies and gains from technology solutions, AQUAS provides the necessary support to help companies succeed in achieving organizational performance, ensuring the interaction between technology and people yield improved outcomes. Whether processes are organic, or whether your company excels at processes and methods, AQUAS takes a personalized approach to find areas of improvement without compromising performance or business processes.

AQUAS has improved informed decision-making processes in various business environments, incorporating cloud-based solutions and other state-of-the-art technology like mapping tools to provide a customized analysis framework. AQUAS has also developed custom solutions using Agile principles to develop, document, train, and deploy systems that incorporate business rules and the ‘know-how’ from legacy systems.

The unique combination of managerial and technical expertise makes AQUAS an ideal partner to develop new applications and improve existing processes and systems within any organization.

AQUAS provided technical expertise in system design, programming and testing for the planning and implementation of a strategic marketing database at Bell Atlantic (now Verizon Communications). AQUAS provided the requirements gathering from marketing and operational staff to develop a new business data model. AQUAS designed and developed data integrity management routines and programs to extract data from legacy systems hosted on IBM mainframes and developed in COBOL under MVS XA. The team also reviewed old data models and assessed the data architecture for compatibility with the new Bell Atlantic data model. This process involved researching connectivity feasibility between Sprint’s Teradata database and the newly created Marketing database.

AQUAS worked with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Center for Cost and Financing Studies (CCFS) and the Division of Information Technology Management (DITM) to coordinate all secure LAN problems with DITM. AQUAS established procedures for the use of the Data Center that resulted in lower number of issues reported and improved response in problem resolution. AQUAS consultants also wrote the User Guide for the CCFS staff and helped train all staff members in using the secure LAN. AQUAS also assisted Data Center users with SAS programming problems.

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