Structural Inspection Tracking and Audit Solution (SITAS) is an enterprise cloud-based solution developed by AQUAS for collecting and reporting manhole and sewer pipe inspections. SITAS is comprised of two main modules: a server-side component that keeps all data and reports available online; and a mobile App that takes advantage of GIS technology to visualize manholes and capture inspection data using a streamlined interface.

SITAS was tailored to support ADS Environmental Services –a business unit of IDEX corporation– in its regional wastewater distribution system inspection contract with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC).

Functional Features


Some of the benefits SITAS provides include:

  • Greatly improves the efficiency of inspection operations
  •  Eliminates high percentage of errors in field data capturing
  •  Allows on-site data capture
  •  Provides reliable data storage for reporting, analysis, and archiving
  • Improves the use of business intelligence and data analytics
  • Adheres to NASSCO and other industry standards

Interested in SITAS?

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