AQUAS provides agile solutions critical to meeting managerial and strategic goals. The scope of AQUAS work in Digital Transformation revolves around four areas: IT Solutions, Data Analytics, Implementation Support, and Management Consulting. Click on each area to learn more about our capabilities, services, and success stories. 

IT Solutions

Learn about AQUAS experience in Agile Software & Web Development, Systems Integration, Geographic Information Systems and IT Infrastructure.

Data Analytics

Our data scientists have expertise on data collection, monitoring, evaluation & learning, Business Intelligence, Distributed Data Collection, and statistical analysis.


AQUAS supports third-party implementations through user acceptance testing, benchmarking, process optimization, data migration, and technical support & help desk solutions.

Management Consulting

AQUAS provides expertise in process improvement, reengineering, organizational change management, lean & six sigma implementation, and project management.

Partner With AQUAS

Contact us to find out how AQUAS can present a personalized solution to support your data analysis and strategic plans.