iSTARS (Integrated System for Time and Attendance and Resources) is a custom built solution for Human Resources needs in medium and large organizations.

iSTARS provides flexibility to accommodate business rules, interface coding requirements, and data field titles that make sense for your organization. iSTARS is designed to meet the process needs and workflow of public and private organizations, allowing the trade of coding schemes without significant programming efforts.

iSTARS can be deployed in proprietary data centers or as a cloud solution.

User Roles

iSTARS user interface allows system owners to establish and change the rights for any user role. The system allows the management of a data table containing information regarding all standard positions that staff can be assigned to. A staff member may be assigned to one and only one office code, but may be assigned to do work in a different office code, and in a different region.


iSTARS allows authorized users to generate queries within any user interface that the user has access to. Queries come with a set of filters and date ranges, so that the user can readily set up standard queries, or new ones.

Time Management

With options for punch in /punch out time, automatic assignment of pay codes, and ability to designate activities as cost recovery/ billable as an option, iSTARS allows employees to specify for whom they did the work if for an office different than their home office, and manages overtime versus compensatory time accrued and used. iSTARS allows the assignment of different work schedules and the definition of administrative work weeks.


iSTARS interface is 508 compliant. The system can be accessed via a cell phone or tablet through the Web.This means that users can access and input information external devices following authentication methods. iSTARS has been tested to function properly in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, as well as most older browsers.


iSTARS supports mass data uploads from flat files or comma delimited files via SFTP, APIs, and other methods.

…And more!

iSTARS has been designed to handle complex accrual management rules, awards, performance review management, leave tracking, leave sharing, and many other core functions to ensure a streamlined and efficient management of Human Resources practices.

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