Data Analytics

Transforming data into the answers you need. Improving decision-making processes. Driving operational efficiency.

From Measurement to Accountability

AQUAS has proven experience in program design, defining outcomes and mapping implementation performance metrics to program objectives and anticipated outcomes.

Understanding Data in Context

AQUAS consultants have the knowledge and experience required to operate in a multi-cultural and interconnected world. Their qualifications include multi-lingual proficiency, economic, policy, sociological and legislative expertise, among others.

Past Performance

AQUAS has successfully positioned educators, public health analysts, social experts, and data analysts to provide administrative, statistical and logistics expertise to analyze and summarize key findings to programmatic outcomes based on projects’ goals and expectations.

AQUAS developed and upgraded automated systems to support Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L) programs at the U.S. State Department program for Near East Asia. The new system yielded better outcomes to measure the effectiveness of the programs being implemented in the region.

AQUAS Partnered with local actors in El Salvador to support mediation activities with indigenous populations in rural areas, supporting engagement with small to medium enterprises to ensure economic growth. AQUAS Monitoring & Evaluation analysis determined the effectiveness of the programs among these communities.

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