IT Implementation & Support

Engaging customers and stakeholders to better adopt technology. Customizing technology to meet specific needs. Accelerating change.

Smart IT Implementation

AQUAS has participated in various projects with IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle, among other key players to help companies implement new digital strategies and technologies. Following the same principles we apply to our own software development projects, AQUAS starts with the customer’s needs, goals, and strategies to better understand how new technologies will be used. Then we assist in implementing, training, documenting, migrating business rules, and identifying the right processes and policies to make the transition projects successful, and the IT investments productive.


Digital solutions can only provide a strategic advantage to an organization if they are used properly and work at the intersection of users, processes, and information. AQUAS leverages training sessions —online and onsite— tailored to a wide range of users, from highly technical and structured, to those with minimal computer literacy. In that way, AQUAS training programs ensure that users can get the most out of your IT investments, while organizations gain strategic and operational advantages with improved processes and solutions.

Documentation With End-Users in Mind

Whether designing and documenting technical workflows and test cases or simple user guides, AQUAS designs documents with concrete answers to the questions users might have about a particular system. Our technical writing focuses on user tasks and the underlying principles that support those tasks. We then follow best practices in the industry to make documents simple and relevant.

Partner With AQUAS

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