“AQUAS always provides USDA, AMS with excellent service. They go above and beyond to ensure that we are getting the system that meets our requirements.”
Beverly Brown
USDA Contracting Officer

Solutions for Agricultural Challenges

AQUAS has over 20 years of experience providing services and solutions in the agricultural industry. Some of the solutions we have provided include:

  • Systems to implement source and non-point source pollutant discharge models to measure the impact of chemical inputs to waterways in the US
  • Web-based systems for electronic permits and waivers
  • Labor time accounting and activity-based costing
  • Payment and billing systems
  • Creation of electronic certificates of inspection

AQUAS has also implemented models to assist American farmers in selecting pesticides based on crop, regional location, climate, and cost of pesticide application per acre. This model incorporated Geographic Information Systems for reporting and visualizing data by State and County, crop, and pesticide use.

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